Airports ✈️

Airports are such unique places.

They are respites from the normal time/space continuum.

Some people are eating breakfast while others are drinking beer.

A man in a well tailored suit clicks away on his laptop, while the lady next to him is wearing pajama bottoms and crocs laying across three gate chairs snoring.

You see people weeping from parting with loved ones , you see others celebrating their return.

People are running from one side of the gates to the other, and others have been sitting in the same spot for hours on end.

I can’t help but look around and wonder where each person is headed and where they are from, if they are looking forward to their flight ahead or if they are dreaded what lies on the other end.

It is fun to guess each story, not only where each individual is on their travel journey but what step they are in in life.

Are they a new grandmother traveling to meet their new grand baby? Are they preparing for a huge exam or job interview? Are they headed on a vacation they have been looking forward to for months?

We each are in a different place, mentally each in our own time zones, yet all together physically in one space to share in the brief interlude where time and location seems to blur.

Airports are such unique places.

❤️ Randi aka The Renaissance Blonde


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