Dream Job: Wow air Travel Guide


As you may have seen recently, an article by European Airline Wow Air went viral. It is easy to see why: the Airline is looking for a candidate that they will pay to live in Iceland and travel to many of their 30+ destinations, in exchange for making useful travel guides of each location.




Any of you who stop in to read my posts could guess that this would absolutely be the definition of my dream job! I could just picture myself living in downtown Reykjavik, and jet-setting all summer to Barcelona, Paris, Dublin, Milan, Amsterdam, Berlin, Etc. and actually getting paid to write about and take photos of all these amazing places! So… apart from it not being practical at all…not being the stable route or the long-term route…I would not have felt good about myself if I didn’t at least try.

The application criteria was simple: Make a 2 minute video guide of your hometown. It had certain things that it needed to include, like places to visit, to eat, transportation recommendations, and other specifics that would be crucial information to know on your city.

I am not huge into videos, and prefer photography and writing to tell the story, so I made a slide-show style video, complete with voice-over narration. 😉

Here is the link to my application and enjoy my tour of Tucson, AZ.


P.S. The winner is announced on May 18th, and although there were THOUSANDS of applicants, I can’t wait to see who they choose!

Happy Travels,

Randi Dodson

The Renaissance Blonde

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