After staying in a more remote part of the country, Reykjavík was a fun day to explore the Northernmost capital city in the world.

The feel was mixture of Pacific Northwest, and European, a blend that was very different from anywhere else we have been.

The first thing we did was head to Hallsgrimskirkja, the enormous church that serves as the center of downtown Reykjavík.

Like all good harbors should, the old harbor had a feel of adventure and tales of the sea. Rusted, grimy, and colorful ships lined the harbor where fresh fish is sold and an old salty nostalgia hangs in the air.

There is just something I love about ships and harbors, as if all the options in the world are there before you and all it would take to be whisked away to another world would be the courage to hop aboard any one of these vessels. (You can tell I have spent time in the Caribbean, and have a vivid imagination :D)

As all typical Reykjavik tourists must do, we waited in the line to go to the top of Hallsgrimskirkja, and catch a glimpse of the breath taking views of the city.

I loved looking at the intense combination of colorful rooftops, ocean, and jagged volcanic peaks across the bay.

I did have a moment where I panicked because the clock in the tower does actually work and chime….VERY LOUDLY. So here I am up on my little pedestal to look out the window and hear a loud clanging noise and I panicked thinking that the whole damn building was crumbling around me. No. Just a loud clock. lol

Afterward, we paid a visit to the Icelandic National Museum, which was recommended to us, but I didn’t realize just how extensive it would be! There were viking graves, weapons, coins, outfits, and everything in between up to more modern Icelandic traditions.

Then for perhaps some of my favorite foods for the trip: A stop at Icelandic Fish and Chips. Their menu is a giant blackboard and is changed each day due to the catch of the day constantly changing. It was glorious to have such a fresh array and decision of seafood to choose from, especially for this desert girl! We had planned to have dinner a few hours later, but we were still so full from lunch we opted to make a light dinner back at our AirBnB instead.

Last but definitely not least, we headed down to the local OMNOM Chocolate Factory to stock up on this Icelandic delicacy! Although we didn’t have time to do the whole tour, we were able to sample all the different types of chocolate there, and pick our bars to come home. Oddly enough, the most popular (and in my top 2 favorites I tried!) was a licorice infused chocolate bar made with melted down licorice in Icelandic milk. I am not generally a huge licorice fans (do red vines really count? ) but the concoction that they made in that factory was amazing!! I can’t wait to stop by and pick up a year supply…just kidding. (sort of!).

The finish off the day in the city we had to stop by the now-iconic Blue Lagoon. This dreamy haven is a man-made lagoon, but it filters in the natural hotspring water that is packed with skin-soothing silica, sulfur, and other minerals.The result is an otherworldly experience with steamy milky-blue water surrounded by lava rock. It is pricey at about $60 USD per person for the basic entrance package, and (although pretty quiet when we went) touristy. However, there is no other place quite like it on earth and would still say it was worth every penny!

It was still pretty chilly and very windy when we went, so it was dreamy to have a swim-out exit! The dressing room led into a beach-style exit with a door so we didnt even have to brave the sharp Icelandic wind. Complete with a swim-up face mask bar, and regular bar, we spent hours practically up to our eyeballs so the warm water would shelter us from the wind.

Although they did not make an appearance, we spent the evening searching for the Northern lights together, and conditioning our skin in the therapeutic waters.

What else would you have liked to explore in Reykjavik?

Happy Travels,

Randi Dodson

The Renaissance Blonde

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